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Op.Dr. Atilla ERSOY

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It is a procedure performed to correct the deformity of the tip of the nose (asymmetry, width, drooping, mandala-tightened nasal tip deformity) where the anatomical structure of the nasal bone is normal.



Every woman wants to be beautiful, and a woman who does not want to have beautiful breasts is unthinkable. It is possible to have beautiful breasts with breast aesthetics.



Facial rejuvenation can be applied in a very wide age group. Facial aesthetic applications are used to look younger or to correct facial deformities.



Basically, it is a laser-assisted fat removal application. The difference from normal fat reduction is that the fat is removed by melting with a laser beam, not by breaking down the fat through vacuum.



Thanks to technological advances, we plastic surgeons follow this technological development very closely and try to offer them these opportunities, if any.



It includes applications such as laser hair removal, tattoo removal, facial rejuvenation, spot treatment, pore narrowing, under-eye bruising.

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Op.Dr.Atilla ERSOY

He was born in 1974 in Yumurtalık District of Adana. After completing his primary, secondary and high school education in Mersin center, he graduated from Adana Çukurova Faculty of Medicine in 1998. In 2004, he received his specialization from Ankara University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Aesthetic-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Between 2004-2017, he worked as an Aesthetic-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialist at Iskenderun State Hospital.

Since January 2017, he opened a private practice and started working in his own place.

Op.Dr. Atilla ERSOY

Patient Experiences

Ay...E... 24 Mart 2021

"I went for a bedsore and was very pleased with the explanation And the welcome and the interest is very nice, they are so good, as if they are like family, may Allah bless you, build Allah, in one word, very good narration and explanation"

B....D... 30 Mart 2021

"I went for tattoo removal and it was also very nice in terms of hygiene, I was very satisfied with the treatment, our doctor takes care of the patients very well, I would also like to express my thanks for the treatment he applied."

F.....A... 3 Şubat 2021

"I had bichectomy, under-eye light filling and botox applications on the same day. All of them took a total of half an hour and most importantly, I didn't hurt at all, not to mention the doctor's interest and smiling face:)))"

S.....B... 5 Mayıs 2021

"Skin aesthetics, spot removal, information on various aesthetic issues, agreement application, patient satisfaction. I would definitely recommend"

Fu...K... 10 Mart 2021

"I went for hair loss problem. My teacher Atilla gave me enough explanations and treatments. I thank them for their interest and concern."

Ş....Ö... 27 Şubat 2021

"I went to Dr. Bey for botox, I was extremely satisfied with the result. My only address from now on, I thank you very much for his interest, knowledge and smiling face."

B....B 5 Mayıs 2022

"I had rhinoplasty 5 days ago. My surgery lasted about 2 hours and I did not feel any pain before and after the surgery. There was slight swelling on the second day of the surgery, bruising never happened. Today we removed the splint and tampons. I went through a painless and completely safe process. I now have the nose you want. I would like to thank my doctor from here."

Ma...K... 17 Ağustos 2022

"My daughter was burnt and God bless my teacher Atilla and with his interest in us, his knowledge and his close interest in his patients, my daughter's face is like a baby now, there is no trace of my daughter's face, a big teapot of samovar was poured down my daughter's head and now my daughter's face is like a baby."

K.....S... 17 Ağustos 2021

"I went for sebaceous gland and laser work. Everyone's behavior was very helpful and solution-oriented."

A.....E... 1 Şubat 2021

"Dr. Atilla Ersoy and his team are very friendly, smiling and give detailed information to every question. The result of my facelift operation was exactly as I wanted and very natural. I would gladly work with Dr. Atilla Ersoy in any procedure I may need in the future and I would recommend him to everyone. In addition, I found him very successful in post-operative interest and follow-up. After I decided to have my face lifted, I researched and investigated a lot. I am very happy to have found the right address. I would like to thank him and his team here again."

Ay...G... 27 Ocak 2021

"An incredibly friendly, wonderful team welcomes me the first time I enter the door...An immaculate environment and the extreme interest of the employees made me feel very good...Atilla Bey's wonderful energy, sincere sincere attitudes gave me great confidence...Detailed explanations increased my confidence even more...I realized with Atilla Bey's experience that I was afraid to remove me on my nose for years, but it was actually a process in the blink of an eye...I was very, very satisfied, thank you"

D.....D... 2 Haziran 2020

"Mr. Atilla does his job well. The most important thing is that he is honest with the patient. In other words, he can tell you what he can and cannot do. I think he does his job really well. He is a perfect person. I met with him for many applications; botox, french strap, lip lift, cheek lift... I also had moles and he took them. In my eyes, he is a very successful physician."

C.....F... 2 Haziran 2020

"I had a very nice process with Mr. Atilla and I am still continuing my meetings. I am very satisfied with my doctor. We have an appointment today, we will have migraine botox for my daughter and I will have normal skin botox for myself. I prefer him because I think he is very interested and good at his job. He has very good behavior in terms of his approach to the patient, the way he welcomes and his interest. We are really extremely pleased with him."

A.....B... 1 Haziran 2020

"He is a physician that I am very satisfied with both his work and his interest in the patient, and I will even give him 5 stars out of 5, let me tell you that. I had some problems with my under-eye bags and around my eyes, and I applied to him. I can say that the most beautiful and best feature of Mr. Atilla is that he communicates really well with his patients."

N.....Ka... 1 Haziran 2020

"I received support for my treatment with breast reduction surgery from Mr. Atilla. I am having a very good process with him. I also prefer him for many applications such as skin care, botox and laser, and I have been his patient for 2 years. I recommend him to everyone. My teacher is a very good physician. He is also a good person. He is very successful in everything, in everything. He applies perfect treatment and accordingly gets perfect results. I really appreciate his success and support."


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